Dear Politicians and Corporate “People”:

Oil is dead. Coal is dead. If we don’t stop using them NOW, we are dead. Our oceans, waterways and air are being poisoned and everyone acts like it’s okay, because that makes money for people. But overall, we are losing money hand over fist, as we pay for the clean-up of spills and leaks, for fish die-offs (oh, there go the fishing and canning jobs), for subtle and not-so-subtle diseases, for the expense of treating dirtier and dirtier water, for the wildlife out of balance, dying bees, and the depleted soil (keep screwing over the farm workers who are exposed to more chemicals and paid less and less so ag industry makes more profit), and so on. More importantly we are losing our health, our young people’s future, the stability that supports peace… We need to change to sustainable and non-toxic energy now!
I have to ask people who are blocking this change to a healthy planet, Where is your soul? Where is your heart? How did you get so obsessed with profit that you think it matters more than the survival of the planet? Go sit in a kindergarten or hold a wiggly puppy or lie in a sunny field or swim in a clear lake or give somebody a heartfelt and sexy smooch – whatever it takes to cure your detachment from the good stuff on this planet. All i can do is pray you find and restore your soul before you wreck the entire world.
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